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YouTube could be the highlight of your marketing campaign, no matter what it is that you’re actually doing, but if you’re not careful you could find yourself struggling to get enough attention. That’s where some people decide that they’re going to force the issue. Some people decide that it’s in their best interests to do whatever they can to get more attention and if that’s something you’re wondering about, it might be a good idea to take a look at the options. Maybe you want to buy YouTube shares to help get the word out.

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What it Means to Buy YouTube Shares

YouTube shares are, quite simply, someone taking the link for your YouTube video and posting it somewhere else. They might post it on their social media pages, their own blog, another blog, send it to their friends or send it in an email, but no matter how they do it, they’re getting that information out to other people. More and more people are going to see what you’re posting and they’re definitely going to be more likely to at least take a closer look, which is the whole point.

1. Get Seen

The more people see what you’re putting out there the more people who are possibly going to click in, take a closer look and see what’s really available. By having people sharing your link and your video you’re going to have more people who can see what’s actually there. They see the link and then they might click on it. If they don’t even know that you’re there they may never even know that video exists. So you’re definitely at least getting notice and attention and you may manage to increase your views quite drastically right off the bat.

2. Get the Authority

When you get shares from other people it’s not just your authority that people are paying attention to anymore. Rather, they’re going to be taking a look at the people who shared your message. If it’s a friend or someone that they trust they’re going to be more likely to consider them an authority. If they consider someone who has shared your content to be an authority then they’re more likely to believe that the link they’re sharing (your link) is going to be valuable to them in some way. So why wouldn’t they want to follow it?

3. Get More Views

You’re not just going to get people who decide to click on your link and then click back out (though it does happen). You’ll also get a whole lot more people who decide that they’re at least going to take a closer look at your video and see what it’s all about. That means those people who see your link are going to be more likely to take a look at the video and you’re going to be able to boost your views completely organically, which is definitely the point of the game, right?

4. Get More Attention from Searches

Search engines like to see people sharing your content because they look at it as though they’re sharing a link (which they are). But sharing links and backlinks is one way that Google really ranks their websites. They want more people to talk about you and share your information and that’s how they can tell that you’re a real authority and people really like you. When that’s the case they’re going to give you higher rankings and you’re going to be seen by other people more easily as well. And it all comes from a few links.

5. Better Chance of Going Viral

Have you ever gone viral? If you haven’t then you’re definitely going to want to see what more shares can do for you. The more people who share your content out there, the more people are going to see it. The more people who see it the more who will continue to share your content. Before you know it, you could be reaching thousands of people with your video just because you chose to buy a head start. And that means you could end up tracking all around the world and to all the hottest places, getting you a viral seat.

6. Increase Your Authority in the App

Okay, so there are going to be some benefits on your authority in a more basic way. The people who see that you’re being shared more and more are going to think that makes you an authority on whatever you’re talking about. After all, if a lot of people are sending the content on it must mean that a lot of people are checking it out and believing it, right? Or at least it must be entertaining in some way or people wouldn’t be sending it to their friends, right? Well, that’s definitely what other potential viewers are thinking and it’s why they’re going to trust you over other videos.

7. Pairs Great With Other Content

If you’re looking at buying views or buying likes and comments then buying shares is definitely another great way to go. After all, if you have a whole lot of views or even a whole lot of likes and comments but no one is sharing then that doesn’t look so good for your content. It looks like there’s something wrong because why aren’t people passing on the information if it’s so good? If you’re already buying anything else, this might be the perfect, natural progression.

Wrap Up

So, should you buy YouTube shares? The truth is that you’re going to have a whole bunch of benefits and nothing really when it comes to downside. There’s a whole lot that you can achieve with more and more shares. When you use it in combination with some other features, like buying more views or comments, then you can really start to capitalize on the benefits. After all, you want to make sure that you have the best possible attention, right? You want to make sure people know who you are and what you have to offer? And that’s available with more shares.